Sunday, February 5, 2012

Some fun graphic art pieces designed to group together.....

I have been working on a few pieces that I designed to hang together in groups! They add a nice vintage touch to any room or office! These prints were created from some hand painted vintage wall paper images, then I took pictures, and I live traced them to black and white, deleted the white until I got a nice black image, stamp to go over the vintage wallpapers. Like I said, imagine them hanging together in groups! They are very colorful, and interesting to look at! You can find these prints in my etsy shop! :)

I designed around 100 stamps or overlays! I can put any overlay over any background. These are just a few samples of what different ones look like over different backgrounds! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kiwanis Park

There is a beautiful little park in Pleasant Grove Utah. It is called Kiwanis Park. A friend showed me where it was because I love to find different places to take my kids hiking in the summer time! I started to research Kiwanis Park, and found some history about it that was quite interesting. It is said to be haunted. I guess in 1849 there was a battle between the pioneers and the indians and many people were killed. It use to be called Battle Creek. I was very curious, for I'm very interested in such things. I've had weird things happen to me in the past where I've felt different energies in different places I've gone to. I had to check this out. Not only to satisfy my curiosity but to see the famous Kiwanis Falls! I love natural waterfalls, and about a mile up a little shale rock trail along a cute little creek, we found the beautiful waterfall. Here are a few pictures of the falls and the creek! It is said that if you go to Kiwanis Park at night time, black shadows are seen running around. I guess there is an archway of trees as well that is said to be some type of spiritual gateway, and some people have reported hearing screams, and smelling bad smells as they walk through this archway of trees. I felt a weird presence close to the pavilion, which is the other way from the trail to the waterfall. I'm not sure how to explain it. I felt a certain silence, and I think I did find the archway of trees, but right as I was about to walk through it, a snake slithered in front of me. It scared me, so I decided to not go there. The Navajo Indians are quite superstitious about snakes, but after hearing that place was haunted and seeing a snake right before the archway, I'm starting to think that maybe the Navajo's know something we don't! Anyways, here are some of the photos I took at Kiwanis Park!
 As you head up the trail to the waterfall, if you glance up, there are some of the most amazing and beautiful rock sculptures up above the trail. They were very interesting to look at.
 This little butterfly, or moth kept flying right in front of us, as if it were guiding us up the trail. It kept going a little ahead, then it would just land, and sit there. I was able to get a few close pictures of it!
 Here it is again, I thought up against the grey shale rock it would make an interesting photo of contrast!
 One again, it was there, just waiting for us.
 There is a river bed up there, that you have to cross to get to the pavilion area, it was dry, but it looked really cool! There were several squirrels hiding in the rocks there, if you look at these two pictures closely, toward the bottom right, you might see one of the  squirrels!
 Another picture of the river bed! I'm not sure why they didn't have the water opened up to it yet, it was damned a little ways up the trail!
 Part of the river. I loved the mossy rocks. So beautiful!
 This would have been a great picture, if those people weren't in the left hand corner!
 The bottom of the waterfall. The trail takes you to the top, but you can also go to the bottom!
 The bottom of the waterfall again. It splashes ALOT down there because it's so steep coming down, and the bottom is so shallow, that it just splashes. There's water particles everywhere down there!
 This is the top of the waterfall. The trail goes all the way to the top, then it keeps going, we didn't go any farther than the top of the waterfall. My kids were tired. When I don't have them with me, I want to go farther up the trail and see where it leads!
A lonely Iris. This Iris was in a grassy area close to the pavilion. It was close to here that I saw the snake!